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@WashingtonianPS: Save 60% on Smart Lipo for arms/abdomen/thighs. Includes consult, procedure, compression garment, and follow-up.

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Men’s Bigger Builds Need Bigger Noses --Doctors Lounge

Who is more Nosy, Men or Women? New study proves that men need to be.However, when male or female noses are disproportionately large, a rhinoplasty can be of immense benefit. The key is to make and keep the nose gender appropriate and ethnicity appropriate. My patients are looking for surgery to obtain a size and shape that matches their faces and is harmonious with their overall appearance.
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Did you know that US troops use liposuction?

Soldiers use the words “making tape”. They say their “promotability” if they are less fat makes the fees of the liposuction cost-effective! They are usually hard-working and motivated people who sometimes can’t lose the stubborn fat around the mid-riff and it throws off the “waist-to-hip” ratio that the military uses. Frankly, there are probably better measures that the military should use, but for better or worse, that’s the current standard.

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A lot of African-American women will request a rhinoplasty like Halle Barre, while Latina’s strongly identify with Jessica Alba’s nose.  For both of these gorgeous celebrities, their noses are attractive and well proportioned, and retain their ethnic identity.  That’s the hallmark of beauty — the confidence to be who you are, with changes that bring the disproportionate parts of your body into a harmonious ratio.  

For someone of European heritage, I think Charlize Theron’s nose is perfect, and Nicole Kidman’s perhaps a little too delicate and small.  Beautiful nonetheless.

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Made With Paper

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Upper and Lower Eyelid Lift, Blepharoplasty, Washingtonian Plastic Surgery from Navin K. Singh on Vimeo.

This video will help you understand what an upper and lower eyelid lift is. This will show you before and after pictures, how the surgery is performed, and what the recovery is like.

It will also show you surgical options that help give you a more youthful appearance— looking less tired and more awake!

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We are hosting an end of summer event.

Specials on: botox, juvederm, chemical peels, and laser treatments!

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